Discover Your
Imposter Syndrome

  • Tired of feeling like you are "not enough"?
  • Looking to stop judging yourself and using negative, even at times brutal, self-talk?
  • Find yourself tolerating abuse or being victimized by others, or maybe even sabotaging your own goals and dreams?
  • Interested in having relationships where you are not neglected and constantly complaining about your spouse?

Living with the Imposter Syndrome means suffering and merely surviving in our lives. It is not something we can just "get over". Knowing which Imposter Syndrome Persona you rely on is the first step to power past it.


Don't spend another moment believing, thinking and acting
as though you are not good enough!

Take the quiz. It is the first step to breaking free of the Imposter Syndrome. Learn the characteristics of your Imposter Syndrome Persona and how it wreaks havoc on your dreams, happiness and potential.

Your results will be available immediately!

You should take the quiz if...

You struggle with the Imposter Syndrome but don't know which type

There are four Imposter Syndrome Personas and knowing which type you struggle with is essential to powering past it. It tells you your starting point and lets you know the exact actions to take to break free.

You are not sure if the Imposter Syndrome relates to you

Many of our clients have never heard of the Imposter Syndrome before they start working with them. When they discover it's the source of their dissatisfaction in life, it gives them hope as they now have something to work with.

You are ready now to get beyond living in survival mode

Maybe you are anxious all the time. Or, your relationships suck. You neglect yourself or keep sabotaging yourself. Whatever your symptoms, you are ready to stop suffering, power past the Imposter Syndrome and start thriving!

As humans, we use a persona to ensure our psychological security...


Imposter Syndrome Persona


Imposter Syndrome Persona


Imposter Syndrome Persona


Imposter Syndrome Persona

The 4 Imposter Syndrome Personas are based on the 4 Archetypes of Survival from the work of Caroline Myss and Carl Jung.

Each Imposter Syndrome Persona has its own agenda, story and script.

When we operate from this persona, it's like letting another person be in the driver's seat!

While each of us has all four personas, we favor one over the other. So, knowing your Imposter Syndrome Persona:

  • Helps you identify which Imposter Syndrome persona you use to protect yourself
  • Shows you the particular brand of suffering caused by the persona as it keeps you safe
  • Helps you understand which type of limitations you will come up against
  • Shows you the automatic story and script that cause you to become anxious, depressed, powerless and victimizing yourself
  • Stops you from having the same type of dysfunctional relationships over and over because you are having them from your persona
  • Gives you insight into the powerful side of your self-protective persona that contains your innate gifts, talents and abilities
  • Helps you recognize your personal brand of resisting your growth, development and the use of your inner power.

Most importantly, knowing which self-protective persona of the Imposter Syndrome you prefer gives you the starting point for developing your authentic self so you can emerge and become who you are meant to be.

Don't spend another minute thinking you aren't good enough.

The potential inside of you that you have been denying, the needs that have been frustrated and the desired life that you have been too cautious or afraid to live are there for you to embrace, nurture and fulfill.

And, the great news is... the power is yours!

Anne Dranitsaris, Ph.D. & Heather Dranitsaris - Hilliard

Experts in behavioral change, relationship development & transformation

We've worked with thousands of individuals from around the world...

and so we understand the unique challenges you face as you struggle with the Imposter Syndrome. Plus, we have been in your shoes and know the suffering it causes in our lives!

Over 20 years ago, we set out to find answers to the questions:

  • Why do we behave the way we do?
  • And, more importantly, what can we do about it?

The driving force was to be able to provide our clients (and ourselves) with a clear, step-by-step approach to shifting our behavior, breaking the binds of the Imposter Syndrome, and getting us in the drivers seat of our own lives so that we could feel fulfilled and live to our innate potential.

We knew that the answers lay in understanding our brains and our personality organization based on our years of working with the MBTI® and other assessment tools. Our unique therapeutic coaching approach leverages neuroscience, personality development and the biology of relationships to provide clients with immediate, tangible results in all areas of their lives.

We created the
Striving Styles Personality System, the only neuro-psychological framework for discovering and achieving your true potential, to show clients exactly how to repattern their neural connections so they could live authentically and to their full potential. Our 80+ books, including Who Are You Meant to Be?, made it possible for anyone to get started on this journey and understand the mechanics of their minds.

For over 25 years, we have worked with individuals, leaders, couples, parents, teams and even teens to eliminate dysfunction patterns that get in the way of achieving their dreams and their happiness so they can live their best lives.

If you are ready now to become powerful in all areas of your life, and want to get the insights you need to break free of the limitations of life with the Imposter Syndrome, take the quiz and let us show you how.

Anne & Heather

Pamela D.

"I had no idea that there was a name for the self-doubting voice inside of me. Learning how my Imposter Syndrome Persona shows up and limits my life and relationships was so empowering. Getting a roadmap to develop let me move confidently to action. Anne & Heather are amazing!"

Jeffrey H.

"I had tried pretty much everything to stop adapting in my relationships and tolerating how I was being treated. It was so eye opening to know why I struggled with the Imposter Syndrome and that breaking free of it was possible. Now, my relationships work for me and not just the other person."

Danielle F.

"Anne & Heather offer such a powerful and pragmatic approach that is rooted in knowing our brains. Working with them has brought about amazing changes in all areas of my life that I struggled for years to do on my own. Their insights and ability to focus in on exactly what steps to take are truly a rare gift."

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